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General Marketing

Digital marketing is not the only thing you can do to promote your business. Press releases, newspaper advertisements, brochures, catalogs, signs and collateral can all be part of the marketing activities. I have worked with all aspects of marketing and can help you make creative plans for your business. I have owned several small businesses […]

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Social media

These days, it’s impossible to avoid Facebook or any social media. It’s today’s version of gossip and the person to person social interaction. Connect your website to various forms of social media to complete the marketing cycle. I have experience in using Facebook (from the start of it!), Instagram, and Pinterest. My services can include […]

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Having trained as a journalist, I can quickly write up what you need for your small business. Over the years, I have learned to quickly get up to speed on whatever industry I am working with. I write in both long form and digital marketing using SEO (search engine optimization) for all things online. I […]

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Web design

I work with you in order to develop the perfect website for your business. I utilize WordPress to build the structure and incorporate your images and your voice for a unique look for your business. I can do as much as you want or as little as you need for future maintenance issues. I don’t […]

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